Saints of Divine Mercy

God wants to reveal Himself as Love and Mercy.  He does this through His Saints. Saints come up at particular times when the Church needs them to respond to issues of the day and to bring people back to the heart of the Gospel. Read the Saints below and then click continue where the next page you will be able to work on the clue that you just opened up. 

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque 

In the 17th Century God sent Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque. She is known for spreading devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She taught to pray the words “Jesus, I place my trust in you”

   Saint Alphonsus Liguori 

In the 18th Century God sent St. Alfonsus Ligori. He grew up in a very strict Jansenist home. The Jansenists believed in spiritual rigor and practiced lots of sacrifices and penances. The problem is that they preached that only the few elite who practiced all these scrupulous spiritual practices were the ones favored by God. It came from the French culture which favored elitism at the time. Ligori fought this with his teachings on Moral theology. He encouraged frequent communion.

  St. Therese of Lisieux

In the 19th Century God sent St. Therese of Lisieux. Pope Pius X calls her the “Greatest Saint of Modern times”. She was influential as a Catholic response to the Reformation. He small ways of love made her known as the little flower. She was a flower in Gods garden. 

St. Maximilian Kolbe 

St. Kolbe spread his love for the Virgin Mary by starting a newspaper about the Imaculada. He desired for millions to consecrate their lives to Jesus through Mary. 

St. John Paul II 

Saint JPII was known to spread the devotion to millions of people from how he canonized Sister Faustina to establishing a feast day of Divine Mercy the Sunday following Easter. 

  St. Faustina

In the 20th Century God sent St. Faustina. She was seen as a nobody from nowhere that would be chosen to prepare God's people for His final coming.