Strive for Holiness through a New Saint each month

Each box comes with goals to challenge you in your faith and that are related to the Saint. Don't open the gifts at once! Open one a week and work on your goal. Gifts may include Movies, T-shirts, Devotional items,  stickers, and more. This experience will help you learn about them, pray with them and you will learn to walk closer to Jesus through their eyes. Just click subscribe and a new box will be sent to you at the start of each month.

Easy to order

To subscribe month to month or preorder more then just click subscribe and enter your specifics. Or browse through our shop for past boxes.

Always on time

We ship subscriptions on the 27th of every month and it arrives at your door at the beginning of the Month so that you can enjoy this box without delay.

Fits any budget

These boxes have gifts that are worth every penny you spend. Each gift is carefully thought through and has great value.

Grow in holiness

This subscription box is not just about getting gifts. If done right, this box will give you suggestions on what you can do to grow based on what the Saints have done. Praise Jesus!




with the saints.

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(restock will come out July 2022)

Have you ever been to an escape room? You will learn about a certain devotion while having a lot of faith filled fun. These boxes will have puzzles and clues based on a specific devotion. They will include Scripture, History, and the lives of the Saints as you navigate to try to solve them. This is sure to be a family favorite. It will be sent to subscribers to our regular Saint of the Month boxes ($34.99 per month). To be sure to reserve this Box you will need to be a monthly customer or you can purchase a preorder one time box. Boxes will be limited and this is the only way to reserve one for sure. These are currently in the research and development phase and are expected to come out by February of 2022. 

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Saint for February: 

Saint Anne

St. Anne is the mother of Mary and the Grandparent of Jesus. In this box you will learn about St. Anne and their struggle to conceive until her husband went out to the desert to pray and they were found with child. This box was will be sent on January 26th for you to begin exploring for the month of February.  This box comes with 4 wrapped gifts, a brochure that tells his story, and a goal for each week that challenges you in your faith and to deepen in your devotion to St. Anne. 

Please email if you have any questions.

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New to the shop

A three foot Crucifix from the James Brennan collection with a  walnut cross, antique pewter corpus and arrives gift boxed. Original price $349 is now on sale for $199 for a limited time. 

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New baby boxes St Gianna. 

This box is a perfect gift for a the youngest members of our family. These come with a onesie that says "Born to be a Saint". Red onesies for girls and blue for boys. It also comes with a matching pair of shoes, Baby wall sign, a crib metal (pink for girls and blue for boys), a baby Jesus plush doll, a basket, a splish splash wash cloth, a St Gianna brochure, and a St Gianna relic card from Sisterhood of the traveling relics. The sizes are for 6-12 months. 

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What is the Saint of the Month Company?

Saint of the Month began on Good Friday 2017 and since then has curated a box every month. This family owned Catholic business seeks to surround us with reminders that lift the soul towards God. The more we find tiny ways to remind us to think about Jesus and the Saints the more we will, with the Grace of God, desire Him fully. Holiness is not something we should place as a thing we do occasionally. Holiness should be the center of our lives and the great path that we walk upon each day. Becoming a Saint is our destiny and who God created us to be. It is possible to be a Saint and each reminder will teach us that we should seek all that is Good, Beautiful, and True. In each Saint of the Month box we carefully place gifts that become reminders of our daily quest. Many of the gifts are custom made and we have fun designing them to fit each saint. We began with a humble beginning of 9 subscribers and have grown to hundreds since. Our mission is to teach and inspire people about the lives of the Saints. Each saint is different and has something to teach us. The more we learn about what other children of God have done, who were recognized as people we can look up to by the Church, the more we can see it possible for us to become Saints as well. We, at Saint of the Month desire that all become Saints and will strive to reach across the globe to teach people our rich faith which, at the heart of it is it's people. We are the body of Christ. Saints are one of the greatest ways to learn to be a Saint. Please join us and let the adventure begin.

How It Works

1. Set your preferences

Online you can choose who the box is for. Choose the gender, t-shirt size, and the subscription term (the more months you pay upfront the more money you save) 

2. We curate your box

We get the box ready with all the gifts wrapped and with goals inside, plus any gifts you want to add from the shop. We say a prayer and send it your way.

3. Enjoy the monthly Saint

Open one gift each week. Learn and pray along as you grow in your faith. 

What people say about Saint of the Month

"I love love love this subscription box!! The autobiography book , Included in the subscription is awesome!! The gifts included for each week are very nice!! I have learned so much from each box!! I would highly recommend this subscription box to anyone who wants to learn and grow in their faith. The weekly goals makes learning so much fun!! 

Margaret-  Parkersburg West Virginia 

" I started with a one time box and am now a subscriber. My first box was St Ignatius and one of the gifts was a dvd on the saints life. It was a movie that provoked a deeper look into my own spiritual life. That's the goal of this box. It isn't just to receive gifts, it goes further than that. Its ultimate goal is to create a stronger relationship with God through His saints. I have even bought a year subscription for my father as a gift. This is a wonderful find and a blessing! 

Monica -  Boerne Texas 


Perfect box for my family to learn about a saint each month. We look forward to each week's goal and reminder.

10/10 recommend this subscription for anyone

I got this subscription about a year ago for my mum and it ended up being a whole family deal. She enjoys them even though I have to translate the tid bits of information but for us it has brought us closer. We have also learned more about saints we didn't know. We also have learned a lot more of saints we already know about.

Thanks to the team behind Saint of the Month

Lupe-  Memphis Tennessee 

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