Saint Faustina, like many saints, was an ordinary person but deep inside was a love that burned for Jesus. Many people didn’t recognize St. Faustina as someone great. Her superior once said that Sister Faustina was “no one special.” God sees our true dignity when others can’t. Sometimes we feel like we are lost in a sea of faces and don’t think we will be anything of value. Don’t believe these lies. God finds worth in every soul. He has a great mission for you. You were born for a great purpose even when you cannot see it. How do we become great? According to Faustina we need to do small acts of Mercy and those are infinite value in God’s eyes. 

One story of St. Faustina is that one day she was walking and a sister noticed she was by herself. She asked Faustina “Why are you walking alone?” St. Faustina replied “I’m not walking alone.”

She was always deep in relationship with Jesus. Jesus began appearing to her often. 

Some of the things Jesus said to her were:

"I am prolonging the time of mercy for the sake of sinners. But woe to them if they do not recognize this time of My visitation. My daughter, secretary of My mercy, your duty is not only to write about and proclaim My mercy, but also to beg for this grace for them, so that they too may glorify My mercy.” Diary, 1160

Now it is time for you to help Jesus spread the message that God has a merciful love. You will find that some people who are in a sea of faces. At first you may feel lost but, just like St. Faustina, know that you are not alone. Then using the locations decode the numbers into all letters. After you have all the letters you may unscramble them. The word you find is also a word that Jesus spoke to St. Faustina above in Diary 1160. 

Hint #1

Hint #2