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Digital Saint of the Month Magazine

This magazine will feature topics like Who is God? Who is Man? Heaven and Hell, Mary, The Saints, and many more. This magazine will be filled with interesting facts and pictures that will inform you of these topics. It will also come with a challenge at the end for you to grow. There are about 9 pages to each magazine and will be emailed once a month. Cancel anytime.

Carpenter's deluxe box.

You get an actual crate made out of real wood. Hand crafted by us following the holy example of Joseph and Jesus working with wood. This is a great decorative addition that will add a premium value for anyone getting this box. The gifts are the same as the regular box and you get the same great program to work on your goals.

St. of the Month Box

This box is filled with 4-5 fantastic gifts a brochure and a plan of 4 goals to grow in holiness. This is for those who want to learn about the Saints in a deeper level getting quality gifts like books about the saint or products that bring the Saint alive. costs $31.99 (all prices quoted including shipping and handling are in US dollars)

The Little Way bag

This monthly subscription bag is for those who would like to experience learning about the Saints without having to pay extra for better gifts. Comes with a brochure and around 2 gifts. ( All prices quoted including shipping and handling are in US dollars)

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