Revealing Next month's Saint

In this St. Philip Neri box customers will get an experience to grow in their faith through the eyes of Padre Pio. Each gift comes individually wrapped and contains a paper that explains their weekly goal such that reflects the spirituality of St. Philip Neri. The gifts include a book that explains who this fun saint was. The second week's gift includes a cross or crucifix (You may choose by emailing us after you subscribe). The cross reflects a quote by St Philip Neri reflecting upon taking up our own crosses. The third week's gift is a Holy Spirit stand up plaque since it is close to St. Neri's unique spirituality. The fourth week's gift includes a wall plaque that says smile for this saints love of being cheerful and full of joy. This includes a Holy Spirit pin.  Subscribe for Month to Month subscription and we will send a new saint each month. 

To get this box please subscribe by May 25th. Boxes are $34.99 per month and when you subscribe for more months at once the more you save per box. (Please email us if you want this box after that date: