Revealing Next month's Saint

In this St. Francis Xavier box customers will get an experience to grow in their faith through the eyes of Xavier. Each gift comes individually wrapped and contains a paper that explains their weekly goal such that reflects the spirituality of St. Francis Xavier. The gifts include a book "Spiritual exercises of St. Igantius" that looks into the spirituality that St. Francis lived out. It also comes with recipe card. For week 2 you get a luggage tag that says "Be Saints" for your missionary travels along with an examen card that helps you make a daily examen each day. For week 3 you get a holy water bottle with a font in honor of the thousands of people that St. Francis Xavier baptized. For the last week you receive a travel journal to take spiritual notes on your journeys. 

 Subscribe for Month to Month subscription and we will send a new saint each month. 

To get this box please subscribe by October 26th. Boxes are $34.99 per month and when you subscribe for more months you save per box. One time boxes of St. Francis Xavier can be purchased in the shop shortly after it is released. 

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