What's Inside?

Saint of the Month is a monthly subscription box which will include information about the particular saint in the form of a book or pamphlet. The box will include a list of  Goals that will have specific tasks for that week. The tasks are aimed at helping you grow in a specific virtue such as patience or Love. You may be asked to write a poem to share with other subscribers or perhaps tell a friend how much they mean to you or pray a specific prayer that was the featured Saint's favorite. Upon completing these tasks you may open the gift for that week. The unique 4-5 gifts will be centered around the theme of the saint. These gifts will be anything from candles, accessories to home décor, motivational items, or devotional items. Many of the gifts are custom designed and can only be found in our boxes. These exclusive gifts are particular to the Saint. We will curate a box in a way to help you grow in holiness. All are called to the perfection of charity, to be perfect as your heavenly father is perfect. (Mt. 5:48)

About the Curator


Patrick Pulis is a life long Catholic who grew up in a rural area of Colorado where he was captivated by the stars of the night. As he grew in his faith he decided, after college, to join a religious lay movement becoming possibly a priest. As he went to formation he grew more in his faith than any other time in his life. He was inspired by these men and women to be the best he can to help change the world for the better. After three years of many fruitful experiences he decide to return home and follow God’s new path preparing someday  get married. Now, being inspired by the saints and their lives he decided to found a business that helps people become little saints which became the Saint of the Month subscription box. He is now married with his wife, who helps with Saint of the Month, and has a daughter. He loves spending time with family and loves playing with his little girl, even when she tries to poke his eyes out. He finds time to curate boxes so that you can learn about a Saint each month.   I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.  




How long will it take to get to my house?  

It will typically take 2-5 days to ship. We ship on the 27th of every month so you will receive the box within the first week of the month. You will always get your box the month following your payment. For example, if you pay by January 5th you will receive February’s box.  

How much does it cost?  

The cost is $38.99 a month plus shipping which is around $10 each box. When you subscribe for more months the more you will save. We also have a cheaper Little Way bag that comes with a couple of gifts and a brochure. This Little Way bag does not come with goals to challenge you weekly. 

What kinds of gifts are included?  

Gifts include anything that relates to the saint which includes home décor such as paintings, coasters, coffee table items, or devotional gifts such as statues, candles, bibles and journals. These gifts usually relate to the saint or the goal of the week. You may get a gift of a book the saint wrote or a virtue they are known for. Take a look at our past box archives to see what we have featured before: