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  The Purpose of Habit Making 7/7/23

If we were to make a list of all the things we want to change perhaps we would be overwhelmed. We may feel like we are a prisoner to a bunch of actions that are telling us what to do. We may not feel free at first, even if in the end these habits will make us free. It is a funny situation when we think about change in ourselves. No one wants to die to old habits. Change requires work and often we would rather sit back. 

The Lord knows our capacity to take new things on. It took the Israelites 40 years to purify from the Egyptian habits they formed before they could enter the promise land and even then they still had work to do. Habits come and go and sometimes we fall back to our old ways wondering if we ever made any progress. Like a sail boat traveler that goes into the ocean deep only to be pushed back to the shore by the waves. How terrible the passage of the person that cleans their house only to see more demons occupy it in the end...

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  Saint Raphael and the Shooting Stars 9/29/22

When we’re living life in the moment, it’s sometimes difficult to see God’s plan for our life. Often times, it isn’t until we look back on our lives, when we have the perspective, that we recognize God’s presence.That has certainly been the case for Patrick. He remembers when he was 14 years old, and he went outside and prayed for a miracle.“I remember looking up to the sky and asking, ‘God, if you exist, send me a shooting star.’ I thought if God sent me a shooting star, I would have a big miracle to share with everyone so others would also come to believe in God,” said Patrick. “I never saw a shooting star that night.”“However, as I grew more in my faith, I realized God was more than merely a miracle worker. He was my Father.

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