The Door of Mercy

What does Jesus mean by “Proclaim a year acceptable to the Lord?” God revealed to the Israelites as well to us that we need to rest on the Sabbath. On the seventh day is a day of rest. But there is more. God also told us that after seven years we the gardeners need to let the fields rest from planting. This is called the Sabbath year. Then after 7x7 years, or 49 years, they will celebrate a Jubilee year. This is what Jesus was talking about. Jesus is to bring a Jubilee to all of us. What did a Jubilee signify? It meant that God's people would take a rest and allow their crops to take a rest by not planting. Also, it was a time when debts were forgiven! God was to bring great Mercy and an outpouring of generosity. This was great news for the Israelites because the Israelites were slaves in Egypt and this means they will never be slaves again. 

We in the Catholic Church celebrate this Jubilee year. Every Jubilee the Pope opens the Holy Door by which it releases and ocean of Mercy. This Holy Door is also called the Door of Mercy!

God wants to reveal to us that He is a God of Mercy. He says “I have loved you with an everlasting love.

Our Subscription box company also have taken a new tradition to celebrate it's Jubilee month with a special Escape box!


Now look through this door and you will find your next clue that will point you to the next envelope.