The disciples came to Jesus and asked if He is the Messiah and Jesus responds to them with how He first began His ministry. This is what Jesus believes His mission to be. Jesus came for the poor, the blind, the oppressed, and especially for the sinners. 

Now you will see that Jesus’ mission is to show the Father is Love and Mercy!

Open the bible envelope and you need to compare the Torah with Jesus’ response and see how they align with each other. Using the two words (other than articles like "the", "and", "a" ect., you need to use a code to figure out the missing numbers. 

John the Apostle wrote revelations and will help you solve this. In revelations John sees a vision of the servants of God and there they came from the 12 tribes of Israel and there were 12,000 of them. Write this whole equation out. Then with the common word between the two passages, find the word that has the most numbers that match your equation. Keep this word. You will find one number doesn't match. Eliminate this number and then continue. Write the whole equation out and compare it with one of the words that you coded. There will be 6 missing digits (after you have thrown a number out). Then taking the numbers and from left to right find the digits that are not found in the coded word. Those numbers will be found on your next envelope.

Hint #1

Hint #2