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Saint Christopher Box (only 5 left)


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Product Description

Saint Christopher is the patron Saint of travelers. He was known for helping people cross a river. When a little boy asked him to help him across, he was delighted to help. As he carried the boy, the weight became increasingly heavier. He then realized that the boy was Jesus the child and that he was carrying the weight of the world with him. In this box you will receive gifts that relate to travel and to this incredible Saint. Saint Christopher was known for helping travelers cross a river. In this box you receive a bag that says "Call Me Beautiful One" for you to take on your travels. You will also travel on a spiritual journey by working on goals each week. Each gift comes with a card that explains your challenge for that week. You will also get a flash light, tire gauge, a holy card and a travel journal to write all your travel experiences or notes. This box also contains a car rosary and a car decal of the crucified Lord. Each of these gifts come in a custom bag designed with Saint Christopher in mind.

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