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Via Sanctus Ignatian Box


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Product Description

In this Via Sanctus (The Way of the Saints) box we have gathered our favorite products from the Saints in the Ignatian Spirituality including Saint Ignatius and Saint Francis Xavier. Saint Ignatius was fighting in a war when a bomb left his leg wounded. In the hospital he read about the lives of the Saints and from then, began a journey to become a saint and lead other to holiness as he started his own spiritual order; The Jesuits. Saint Francis Xavier was a Jesuit missionary who along with St. Ignatius founded the order. He went to various places including being the first missionary to Japan. Boxes come with a brochure with three pages of biographical information about the featured Saints. Gifts are wrapped up in custom designed cloth bags. The gifts in this box include: a book on the spiritual combat called Marching Orders, a recipe card, an examination of conscience card, a holy card, a holy water bottle since Francis Xavier baptised many, a Saint of the Month pen, a St. Ignatius wooden block, and a book titled Six ways to pray from Six great Saints which features Saint Ignatius as one of the Saints. All gifts are placed in a custom Saint of the Month box.

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