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Via Sanctus Joyful and Funny Saints Box


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Product Description

This Via Sanctus (The Way of the Saints) box includes our favorite products from Saints who made us laugh including Saints Don Bosco, Lawrence, and Philip Neri. Saint Don Bosco was a priest who did magic tricks to orphaned youth to grab their attention and then teach them a lesson of the faith. Saint Lawrence was a deacon under the Pope who was martyred by being burned alive on a griddle and famously said “I am well done on this side, turn me over”. Saint Philip Neri was a silly priest who taught youth to sing and would shave half of his beard when he met with Cardinals just to keep himself humble. This box includes brochures with 3 pages of biographical information about each saint. Gifts are packaged inside custom cloth bags. This box includes the gifts: a booklet written by Saint Don Bosco titled “How a Saint Corrected Children”, a holy card of Don Bosco, a magic trick fake finger and cloth, a Magic trick bag that says “Ta Da!”, a book by comedian Lino Rulli titled “Saint”, a book titled “I heard God Laugh” and a book “Saint Philip Neri”. All gifts come in a custom Saint of the Month box (not pictured) When you buy 1-2 Sanctus boxes shipping will be a flat $10 total, if you buy 3-4 boxes shipping will be $16, 5-7 boxes shipping will be $23, 8-12 boxes shipping will be $36, 13-20 boxes shipping will be $50.

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