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Via Sanctus Male Martyrs Box


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Product Description

In this Via Sanctus (The Way of the Saints) box we have gathered our favorite products from the Martyrs who gave their lives heroically for Christ. Included in these boxes are Saints Thomas More, Saint Reparatus, Saint Justus, and Saint Justin the Martyr. Saint Thomas More served the King of England and was sentenced to death for refusing to accept the King’s second marriage. Saint Reparatus (brochure not pictured) died as a deacon whose tongue was taken out for preaching Christ. Saint Justus was a martyr whose body is on display in Bratislava, Slovakia. And Saint Justin was an apologist who defended the faith while being sentenced to death. Boxes come with a brochure with three pages of biographical information about the featured Saints. Gifts are wrapped up in custom designed cloth bags. Gifts in this box include a pin that says Jesus, a card to dedicate your life to being a faithful servant, a Holy Mary banner, an antique jar necklace, a booklet on the “talk about religious liberty”, a worship water bottle, a Jesus bracelet, and a 5x7 print of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. All gifts are placed in a custom Saint of the Month box. When you buy 1-2 Sanctus boxes shipping will be a flat $10 total, if you buy 3-4 boxes shipping will be $16, 5-7 boxes shipping will be $23, 8-12 boxes shipping will be $36, 13-20 boxes shipping will be $50.

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