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Via Sanctus Christmas Boxes


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Product Description

In this Via Sanctus (The Way of the Saints) box we have gathered our favorite products from the Saints who represent Christmas or Advent including St. Andrew and the Holy Family; Joseph, Mary and Jesus. Saint Andrew was the first of the Apostles to meet Jesus and he led his brother Peter to meet Him. Thus Saint Andrew is known as the Apostle “First Called” and the Saint for advent as he also leads us to encounter Jesus. Boxes come with a brochure with three pages of biographical information about the featured Saints. Gifts are wrapped up in custom designed cloth bags that feature Saint Andrew on them. Gifts in this box include a nativity statue, a “Joy” nativity ornament, a nativity holy card, a few Saint Andrew “bowling” activity cards, a precious jewels notebook, a christmas bow, and a wooden ornament that says “Merry Christmas”. All gifts are placed in a custom Saint of the Month box. When you buy 1-2 Sanctus boxes shipping will be a flat $10 total, if you buy 3-4 boxes shipping will be $16, 5-7 boxes shipping will be $23, 8-12 boxes shipping will be $36, 13-20 boxes shipping will be $50.

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