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Saint Boniface Box


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Product Description

Known for being an apostle to the German people and bringing the light of Christ to these people, he famously cut down a tree to prove that the God of Christianity is mightier than theirs. Some say he began the tradition of displaying evergreen trees for Christmas. In this box you will explore all the great aspects of his great evangelizing and be able to follow his footsteps in your own work to bring the light of Christ in our world. This box comes with 4 unique weekly gifts along with 4 weekly goals to work on following in the footsteps of this saint. One gift includes a T-shirt that says "overcome evil by Good works". (shirt color may slightly vary from picture) Gifts also include a cross necklace with the cut out design of tree branches and a wooden bead garland. As Saint Boniface built a Church with the wood of the cut tree, your task for one week is to build a wooden Church with wooden tree slices. Finally you get three tea candles with the theme of wood tree bark.

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