It's all about the 'roons

A little about us, our founders, how it works and some fun photos of us in action!


Lord, you have showed me so many amazing things. I can go on forever discovering myself and most of all, I discovered who you are. You are a God that doesn’t abandon me in my storms. You are a God that provides. But, you teach us to rely on you and not to love the goods that come from your hand more than You who provide them. You are my Lord. You watch and protect my surroundings. My life is a garden and you are the gateway. You lead me to things that are good and order them in my garden beds. You water them and give me a drink but you desire that my life be filled with fruit in abundance. You bring order to my chaos and when I run around frantically or with pressure from the great gifts you give us, you show me to not focus on the to do lists that overwhelm, but on You, who are in my garden with me. When I am distracted by the things to do, you lift my head and speak softly to my ears. My back straightens and I obey your words. You are my God whom I share my thirst. You and I were destined to be one; You and I and the whole body of Christ. You allow others to enter my garden and share with the fruits that come forth. I am pleased but not puffed up to say that it was all my doing, for without you I cannot do anything. My Lord and my God. The world I live in is a shadow and you provide light but not too much so that my plants would wither and burn but enough so that I can adjust to your life giving source that I need to flourish. And the light transforms me, it becomes a part of me. As the light becomes the plants to which we are nourished from, so too you give me the food to nourish from you, the Eucharist. And you allow my fruits to nourish others. God you are good, and I am yours forever. Amen