Fr. Sopocko, sister Faustina’s spiritual director, made litanies and booklets of the chaplet and began spreading them around. Faustina wrote to him saying “People started buying them, God Himself who acts here” Then on October 5, 1938 Sister Faustina died at the age of 33. 

After her death it was up to Fr. Sopocko to spread the devotion and keep Jesus’ message alive. He knew a priest, Fr. Jarzebowski, who promised to spread the devotion and make it his life’s work if he made it alive to the USA. He was to take all the pamphlets and chaplets to America where it was safer from the war. Fr. Jarzebowski needed to travel from Poland across Russian and through China. He traveled on a train to Vladivostok. He needed to present a Japanese transit visa. But his American Visa was expiring. You next task is to pray as Fr. Jarzebowski did that day giving full trust in the Lord. When he arrived he did something that you need to do. Try to figure out what to do that will make the authorities look away. 

Hint #1:

Hint #2: