***Note: You will need a physical box to play this Escape game. Please click here to order one. 

 Mission Debrief:

In this box, your mission is Jesus Christ’s mission. In this Escape Box with the Saints we will discover the heart of the mission, how the Saints embraced this mission and the Saints will help you spread this message to the whole world. You will have a series of puzzles that you need to complete to get to the next puzzle. Don’t worry, the Saints are here to help you solve the puzzles. But in case you don’t know how to solve one you can always click on the hint buttons we give you and even reveal it in case you need it. 

Lets get started:

Jesus once asked His disciples “who do you say that I am?” To answer this question: who is Jesus Christ? we need to look at what Jesus believed was His calling or mission on earth. The first time Jesus really goes public is when He goes to the synagogue in Nazareth and reads a passage from the Torah, or Old Testament of the Bible. The reading was from Isaiah 61:1-2.Now, open the box that says Torah on it. This reading for the Jews was an important passage that explained the hope for the coming of the anointed who will liberate them from oppression and release them from Captivity. For the Jews this was a Messiah that would free them from the many enemies they had. For many of them it was a political redeemer. But we will see that Jesus meant a lot more in this identity that would open God’s love to the whole earth. Open the box that has Hebrew writing for "Torah" on it and read the passage aloud. Then set aside for later.        After Jesus read this aloud He did something that no one would dare to do. He said “The Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.” This proclamation stirred up many of the Jews from their seats. There were many rules about doing these readings and adding to them was not acceptable.