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Products / PREORDER: Escape Box: with the Saints (Coming Feb 2022)

PREORDER: Escape Box: with the Saints (Coming Feb 2022)


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Product Description

Have you ever been to an escape room where you get puzzles and clues to solve your way out? This box, similarly, will feature a certain devotion and enter into this mystery by looking at Scripture, history, and the lives of the Saints. Each box will come with envelopes and clues. You will have a narrative that you follow online with hints in case you need them. Try to see how fast you can solve all these and play them around the dinner table with friends. This box is sure to be a hit. All subscribers will receive this box but you may preorder one to add or if you are not a subscriber you may order this here. (Boxes are limited and may not be available after release date). If you pre-order you will receive this box when it releases which is expected this coming February.

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