Meet Veronica!

Disclaimer: The contents in the Asia Pacific box will vary from products in other boxes.

Greetings in the Love of Jesus.  

I am Veronica Tan Lyann from Singapore, a sunny island in South East Asia and I would be the curator for Saints of the Month in the Asia Pacific Region (Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines & Australia/New Zealand).

Growing up as Catholic all my life, I have been blessed to have heard and read many stories about Saints and their lives. As a young girl having spent 10 years in a Canossian school, we would sing songs and have drama performances about the life of Magdalene of Canossa, our founding Saint and would always be reminded of the values of Mother Josephine Bakhita – who also, in 2000 became a saint. 

In a recent pilgrimage to Italy that I made, aptly named “In the Footsteps of the Saints”, which covered 7 cities – I learned and reflected on the lives and missions of several saints – Sts Peter and Paul when we visited Rome; the Franciscans in Assisi which included St Clare and St Francis himself; in Padua – the miracles of St Anthony and certainly, our very own Canossian Saints, Magdalene and Bakhita in Verona, Schio and Venice where these 2 ladies lived their calling.

Inspired by their spirituality, I started on a search and stumbled upon Saint of the Month on Instagram.  I fell in love with this concept and the intention of 'Saint of the Month' bringing about the virtues of many God loving human beings plus guided instructions weekly, challenging subscribers towards living lives as Saints - exemplifying values which they embraced.

As Pope Francis recently quoted “To be a Saint is not a privilege for the few, but a vocation for everyone”. Saints are called. So are we.

With the excitement of having Saints of the month in this part of the world, Patrick and I were blessed to have connected and we sealed an agreement to bring this to Asia Pacific on the Feast of the Assumption of the BVM – 15th August 2018. The launch in the Asia Pacific market will be on All Saints’ Day – November 1st. No better date than this, correct?

We are happy and proud to say that we will be taking orders from 1st November, 2018 for the December box and we look forward to hearing from you. 

It's also time to buy presents for Christmas and what better item to give than one which reminds family and friends to walk in the footsteps of the Saints!

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